Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sensual and Sinister Designs: Serpent Cuffs

Over the years, I have become known for my daring, made-to-order, cuff bracelets. My love affair with making these pieces started years ago in Germany when my good friend, Roswitha and I forged a partnership where she designed glass-bead belts and I crafted the belt-buckles. Overtime, the popular belts morphed into bold bracelets. Below are photos of my design process for a Serpent Cuff.

I hand select the leather and treat the process much like choosing gems. I make them with rugged stingray, snake or lizard leather –the same kind that is used for making cowboy boots. 
Style-saavy men or woman alike love these conversation-starting bracelets. Some of my clients wear them daily as part of their treasured wardrobe. 

Right now, I am working on hand-carving a venomous scorpion for a clasp. I’ll be sure to post photos of that piece soon.


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